Changing Products

All products returned to the store are subject to thorough quality control.
You must change the products within 10 days of receiving the products.
In the event that the reason for the refund is a mistake by the company, undertakes to send a courier to the address you have assigned us to receive the order at its own expense.

That is, in the case of a product shipment error
a) In size
b) In Color
c) In Code

In case the consumer wishes to change the order (products) without the responsibility of the company, the cost of replacing the product is borne by the consumer himself.

Once the product leaves you, receives it within 1-2 business days for returns within Greece and via ELTA Door to Door.
Should you choose other shipping companies, we cannot guarantee the delivery times for the products you return to us.

Also, for customers who have the opportunity to visit the central store of Kastorias 20 Street in Polichni THESSALONIKI

Return for health reasons

  • Waterproof
  • Disposable boots
  • Full body disposable cover
  • Toes
  • Soother
  • One-use gloves
  • Purfort + and thermo boots (with different use date)

If the package has been opened

  • One-use gloves
  • Disposable boots
  • Tech overlays Sperm.

Replacement Guarantee:
All products meet strict quality standards and are presented in the most objective way possible. If any of the products you choose frustrates you because it does not fit in with its presentation or has a quality difference you can immediately request a replacement of your choice!

In any case you may contact for any further information or request at: or the online contact form
or from our Facebook page Turutoglou Kosmas
or Call us at our +30 614262 Customer Service Line (call us).